The Diablo Story.

Established in 2017 on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Diablo Co began as a passion project for local venue owner, Dimitris Limnatitis. Experiencing firsthand the abundance of craft beers flooding the hospitality scene, Dimi spotted a gap in the market for a sessional beer alternative.

Producing a portfolio of products that supports Australian farmers and creates job for Australians is something we are proud of and that drives us to share our products with venues Australia wide. 

An alternative to beer that was 100-percent locally produced, gluten-free, and satisfyingly suitable for Queensland’s balmy climate.


Ginger Beer

Calling on favours from the sunshine state’s sugarcane and ginger plantations, Diablo Alcoholic Ginger Beer was born. Boasting a flavour profile of crisp ginger beer enhanced with notes of sweet vanilla, warm spices and a fresh ginger heat, Diablo soon became one of the local flavours to beat.

In fact, Diablo’s unique blend of 13 herbs, spices and natural ingredients rightfully earned the title of highest selling drink at sell-out Queensland events, Noosa Food and Wine Festival and Brisbane Beer Incider in 2018 and 2019.

And, the evolution of Diablo Co didn’t stop there.



Driven by a fascination to push the craft beverage envelope farther, Diablo Co embraced the unpredictability of 2020 with the release of Eros Vodka; a selection of three vodka products based on the same clean and crisp white spirit formed during the sugarcane distilling process of Diablo Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

100-percent locally produced, gluten-free and satisfyingly suitable for Queensland’s balmy climate.

Harnessing the momentum of the Diablo Co range, it wasn’t long until the dynamically versatile nature of Diablo and Eros steered the Diablo Co team soaring into the liqueur-sphere, delivering a series of seven liqueurs to challenge the longstanding imported marketplace. Similarly, to Diablo and Eros, the liqueur range maintains characteristics of being;

100-percent locally produced, gluten-free, and satisfyingly suitable for Queensland’s balmy climate.

Today, Diablo Co continues to supply a wide range of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues with a solid sense of pride in the quality and diversity of products. The Diablo Co promise is that when you find yourself with a Diablo Co drink in hand, you can be sure you’re knocking back a product that’s 100-percent Queensland made.

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